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About transiting Uranus in Aries

Alejandro Lodi

(march 2011)

terremoto-japon-03When the ray of tragedy strikes in our lives, it becomes quite evident that we do not tolerate pain, we react against it. It is not a personal limitation, but a border of humankind, a shield against horror.

The eloquence of this incapability is our search for explanations when disaster knocks at our door. Seeking for causes is trying to find explanations, hence calming ourselves down. This cause, which explains the effect, helps us assuage our grief, it makes us believe (convinces us) that this suffering could have not occurred, that pain is not part of dynamics whatsoever.

With our explanations on what painful events mean we are ,maybe without realizing, keeping alive the belief that suffering is a dire effect of a cause and if we diverted that cause, we could then do away with the effect, i.e. we would dispel suffering from our lives altogether. This is how the spell of a powerful mindset is cast: pain is not the real thing, but the side effect of an unfitted action. Pain is not part of any vital process at all. It is possible for pain not to exist. Pain should not exist. We could make do without pain.

Endowing this mindset, Astrology may serve as an anesthetic. Astrology might end up being a sweet narcotic, as political ideas, ecologic idealism and mysticism. We are enabled to see in the images of the catastrophe of Japan the effects of transiting Uranus entering Aries or the punishment of the sea due to the indiscriminate fishing of Japanese vessels. We can see in the cataclysms that hit our planet the karmic reaction of Mother Earth due to human abuse; we can also see in the Twin Tower terrorist attack how the Yankees get some of their own back…seeing is perceiving. Each and every mindset conditions our perception of reality, swerving it towards what we believe to be safe, making it less threatening, therefore, less intense and more under control. Each one of these answers allows us not to get in touch with the suffering of a certain experience, it enables us to filtrate it in order to dodge the affliction and keep ourselves detached from pain, sheltered in our world of certainties, rewards, punishments, and predictability.

Astrology can sedate us with a wide supply of explanations. Astrology can soothe us by telling us what the painful events in our lives mean, thus enclosing that significance in an absolute cause. However, Astrology can also make us open and perceptive, not by telling us the meaning of those events, but by inscribing its meaning in a cyclic order, nothing more (and nothing less) than that.

The truth is Astrology can not tell us what an event means to us, but it can enlighten us by showing in what cyclic order that event may have a significant meaning to us. Astrology does not confine the experience of events in our lives to one meaning, but it gives meaning to those experiences unveiling them as constitutive elements of an order disclosed in time. This painful event is neither a punishment nor an isolated episode. Every event is inscribed in a temporary order, it responds to vital dynamics in a process that develops in time and possesses a cyclic logic.

It is at this point when Astrology has a message. In can even alleviate the embedded dramatic and anguishing excitement that the vital experience arouses within us when our consciousness is exposed to our intrinsic frailty. Therefore, it shall be a calmness acquired by contact, not by avoidance. It is a serenity which dissolves the bitterest surfaces of suffering in order to lead us to profound and deeper levels.

Playing with words, we could say it is not a kind of calmness induced by anesthesia, but by hipersthesia. It is the profound peace of comprehension which is manifested due to feeling more, not less.


The Cycle of Uranus and its Different Phases

In order to reflect on Uranus entering Aries, we shall outline its path along the zodiac cycle which began 84 years before, at the end of the 20’s. We shall specifically concentrate on the so called «angular phases» which are represented by the transit in Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn so as to have a more accurate perception of this uranian pulse, which started in 1928.

Unquestionably, giving a meaning or signifying events from a single cycle entails a trimming in Astrological matters, in the same way in which certain facts are selected and others are discarded to create a subjective synthesis in History. It seems bound to this meditation. Bearing this in mind, we shall take these points as orienting keys to a deeper analysis.


From 1927-28 to 1934-35: Transiting Uranus in Aries (phase I):

The astrological phenomenon of Uranus passing over the first phase of the zodiac cycle corresponds (or is synchronic) to the first great economic crisis of Capitalism (the fall of Wall Street), the peak of Fascism in Italy, Stalin’s consolidation as only leader of the Soviet Union, Hitler’s ascent to power in Germany, the pioneer research on nuclear energy development, and audiovisual media (radio and cinema) not only as artistic or recreational expressions, but as massive and effective tools for political propaganda and public opinion control.

Each one of these facts and events can be regarded as turning points of a new world, or at least of the yearning of one. Everyone recognizes an irreversible alteration to the preceding order. The world economic system will not be the same, the expression of Liberal Democracies and Socialism around the world shall be different, the relation between ethics and scientific process in the generation of energy shall definitely change, the communication among human beings, springing from the technological vertiginous milestones generated at that time, shall bring about an unthinkable revolution. Each and every one of these manifestations of human activity shall face the challenge of a leap of quality. Thus, from a cyclical astrological standing point, the eight decades that followed can be signified as the development of what, without the awareness of its consequences or denouements, was dawning.


From 1948-49 to 1955-56: Transiting Uranus in Cancer (phase IV):

Transiting Uranus in Cancer symbolizes the time in which that initial impulse of what is new, takes an evident form, at least as appearance is concerned, a stable one. Capitalism can regenerate itself from that crisis, including a formula which seems to go beyond the most unrestricted dogma of free market: State intervention in the economy, thus ensuring basic services to society as a whole, which was then known as a “Benefactor State”. This same principle was applied, though more radically, in the 30’s by the European Fascist regimes and in Stalin’s economic plan in the USSR. Nevertheless, as the shaping was taking place, symbolized by transiting Uranus in Cancer, the world was defined into two broad blocks. If we consider Uranus as the “Freedom, Equality, Fraternity” planet, the two poles were confronted because of their own particular way of understanding what these principles proposed: liberal capitalism enhanced individual freedom and considered equality as a necessary consequence of such emphasis; on the other hand, the soviet socialism subordinated individualism to the needs of an egalitarian community. This tension displayed the capability of human consciousness to react to the emergence of what Uranus brings about, the possibility of understanding freedom, with its intuitions and limitations. The Cold War symbolizes the form of awareness of a new register of Uranus acquired in human consciousness.

Through the Hiroshima and Nagasaki experience, the development of atomic energy proves to be destructive and it becomes the basis of persuasive military politics. The accumulation and storage of nuclear weapons turns into an established threat and prevention strategy. Meanwhile, the states of Israel and the United Nations are constituted, as a consequence of World War II.  From the Uranian point of view, these events represent the opportunity for the wandering peoples, who suffered from Nazi extermination policies, to obtain their own State and for the different nations around the world to recognize themselves as one human community, and to establish common values and principles which would go beyond any local law, and to commit themselves to defend them. No racial, tribal or national conception may stand above the universal value of people’s dignity.

As technology is concerned, after having initiated the Era of Sound in 1928, cinema is consolidated as the main industry of entertainment and artistic production. However, the synthesis of image and communication impels the development of a new tool: television.


From 1968-69 to 1974-75: Transiting Uranus in Libra (phase VII):

The pulse of the creative principle initiated in 1928 reaches its opposition phase. The cycle needs to be completed, to see what was impossible to envisage up to then, in order to integrate it later on. The stable form acquired in phase IV (transiting Cancer) faces the challenge of learning how to complement with what was not visible in the past. As a symbol, the claims of French May, based on “Creativity to power” and “Be realistic, ask for the impossible”, express the instability within the order seized with De Gaulle as a reference of the resistance and freedom of France 20 years earlier. The Vietnam War, the revolutionary spirit in politics and culture, and the consolidation of power in China are some of the milestones of the running havoc of a vision of a world made up of two blocks, which was advocated during the years of the Cold War. The movements of freedom fostered in Africa, Middle East and Asia engender a new international political arena: the “non-aligned countries”. In the light of the events of 2011, it proves quite relevant that during those years both, Muamar- Kadafi in Libia- and Anwar -Sadat in Egypt (succeeded by Hosni Mubarak after being assassinated) – stepped into power. The upsurge of an image of a “third world” challenges the bipolar order in which human activity had become organized after World War II. Moreover, they hold a decisive key: they are the lords of petroleum; they control the source of energy of the technological world. This brings about international political disruption: the so called “Oil Crisis”, which mirrors that other infamous crisis in the 30’s with Uranus transiting Aries. The phase of Libra, reflecting the one in Aries is the moment to complement; it leads the conscience to confront the action posed at the beginning.

In relation to war nuclear development, both powers in dispute seem to have neutralized. However, as regards this objective, the proliferation of atomic missiles becomes a global threat of mass destruction. The “even” situation and the actual neutralization of the enemy based on what the arsenal storage represents, pave the way to a situation of tense and fragile balance. They neither take the first step into conflict, nor into disarmament. Thus, the moment when transiting Uranus is in Libra, the situation related to atomic energy is uncertain, unsteady and no power dares delimit a direction.

At the same time, the moon landing is a turning point in technological development, which began with transiting Uranus in Aries. In fact, the construction of the first directed missiles dates back to the 30’s and they were meant for war. Nevertheless, beyond security and defense matters, Apollo XI unfastens the space race, the domain of outer space through technology as product and tool of the human mind. This goes hand in hand with information technology and satellite communication development, though not at the personal and individual scale image technology has acquired with color TV and ubiquitous home television sets.


From 1988 to 1995-96: Transiting Uranus in Capricorn (phase X):

Finally, the cycle of Uranus which began in 1928 reaches its summit when it enters Capricorn. The new world which appeared to be opening with the crisis of Capitalism, the birth of Fascism and the consolidation of Communism in the 30’s, this new human order which, with transiting Uranus in Cancer, thought to have adopted a new stable form after the defeat of Nazism by having given place to a two-world-block design separated by an “Iron Curtain”, this new humankind which, with transiting Uranus in Libra, seemed to have found broader fulfillment with its more comprehensive freedom movements by the end of the 60’s and with the conquest of space, this refreshing, creative and revolutionary impulse reaches its climax. It is time to harvest, to assess outcomes, and to become aware of possibilities altogether. What reaches maturity is the potential which that creative impulse of transiting Uranus in Aries in 1928 entailed, within the stable form created with transiting Uranus in Cancer around 1948.

The aftermath of the Space Shuttle Challenger and of the nuclear reactor in Chernobyl (both in 1986) represent two events which triggered the decision of drawing the line as regards both, the space race and the use of atomic energy. Furthermore, during those years the chain of events which led to the fall of the soviet block was initiated. This was a landmark for the end of a world organized in a bipolar way, materialized in the phase of transiting Uranus in Cancer (1948). This situation gave way to a “Neoliberal spring time”, even heralding itself as “the end of History” as a metaphor which reflected the triumph of the capitalist model worldwide and the beginning of an era in which this model would be no longer questioned whatsoever.

The massive access to personal computers is seen as the result of technological development, which was hatched in the 30’s, and shall give way to over-connectivity among human beings thus originating an unprecedented communication upsurge and revolution in human History.


From 2010-2011 to 2018-19: Transiting Uranus in Aries (phase I):

The PC and the Internet stand for the actual substance in which the beginning of the new cycle of Uranus of 2011 shall develop. It is here where the creative and renewing principle to spread in the next 84 years shall be imprinted. The free personal access to information on the World Wide Web, the quality leap in communication and human links are so vast that we are not yet able to appreciate its consequences and potential, in the same way it was impossible for those who began to develop radio communications to envision the PC or the Internet.

In the chain of events that took place during that year in Arab countries which were demanding social reforms and political change, the revolutionary feature of web connections is quite evident. These collective episodes have unveiled the (increasingly irreversible) impairment to control, on the part of institutional and state systems, the immediate information sharing and circulation among people.

The American and European economic crises in 2008 and 2009 have once again staged the need to reformulate the relation between individual freedom, capital and state intervention. That 90’s springtime ended up generating uncertainty concerning what seemed one of the most untouchable fulfillments: the birth of a European Union and its strong currency.

The vulnerability of humankind constructions facing the Earth vital activity in the paradox of its destructive creativity was exposed in the tragedy of Japan. A the same time, the threat of Fukushima radioactive widespread demands world-wide reassessment of the use of nuclear energy, and a responsible evaluation of costs and benefits, beyond idealistic slogans or technocratic sufficiency (when not indifference).

It is unmistakable that this over-connectivity among all of those living on planet Earth, notwithstanding language, nationality, ethnics or religion, endows a sensitive level of contact with information, of compassionate empathic resonance with the human dramatic core, conveyed by images of such forcefulness that there is no need for words or ideological or religious interpretations whatsoever for us to become overwhelmed. It may all be about a brand new possibility to feel the transpersonal dimension which pierces through the experience of our consciousness… and it is here that transiting Neptune in Pisces (as from April and culminating a 168 year cycle) may shed light on meanings and significance which are to stir us deeply.


(Traducción: Magdalena Patiño, Interpretaciones-traducciones Inglés, Portugués.



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