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My birth chart

Alejandro Lodi

(September 2018)

(Versión en español: “Mi carta natal “


A birth chart is not contained in the image we have of ourselves. We are contained in the birth chart.

A birth chart is vaster than our personal image. The birth chart symbolizes a more extensive territory than the comfort zone in which we establish our identity. A birth chart is a metaphor of a potentiality of being which our personal consciousness never stops actualizing.

The ‘I’ is a fragment of the totality represented by the birth chart. It’s a partiality of the whole of our life.

Speaking of ‘my’ birth chart is as absurd as speaking of ‘my’ solar system. It’s inappropriate. It confuses our perception. It distorts our reality. It stands as testimony to a captious perceptive tenet: to believe that we are the owners of that thing which we partake. It’s not the subject of the birth chart. Destiny doesn’t inscribe in it an external and alien happening.

The birth chart oriented towards the consciousness which recognizes itself in the vital sense which animates it. The ‘I’ is a vehicle (circumstantial and in constant adaptation to new influences) of the consciousness in the exploratory journey of its mystery. This doesn’t mean that the dimension of ‘mine’ doesn’t exist; that dimension reveals itself as a necessary construction, not like an essential reality.

The ‘I’ (a.k.a. our personality) is a construction. Not a deliberate construction, voluntary or done in accordance with a conscious strategy. Namely, the ‘I’ is not a ‘construction by the ‘I’’. I cannot build a convenience of my subjectivity even though it’s an idea very much advertised in the spiritual marketing. The most habitual: “Given that the ‘I’ is a construction, build it yourself in compliance with the convenience of your interests.” The most desirable: “A sea which has transcended the ‘I’”.

The ‘I’ is a construction which results from a dynamic. And that dynamic does not abide by the requirements of the will or the interests of the personality.

The ‘I’ is a construction which is revealed and is performed first from the consciousness dealing with the relationship between the inside and the outside. The ‘I’ is the result (always subject to dynamic) of that nexus between auto-image and fate. The ‘I’ (or the personality) is the testimony of the transitory modulation between the inner world and the outer world which the consciousness has finally established.

The birth chart becomes a synonym, when consulted, for the state of that equalization between conscious identity and unconscious mystery. It describes the state which adopts the game of light and darkness in all the coordination of the consciousness with fate. It contrasts the personality crises with the opportunities of the soul.

The construction of the ‘I’ has the imprint of the memory. Memory gives us a place, a localization in the crazy goose bumps of a future open to all possibilities. Before the challenge of the new, the consciousness builds a safe ‘I’ with the plans from the past. Building is remembering and replicating. The charm of preserving us from the unforeseen. The construction of the ‘I’ is always bound by the past and the future, by the mechanic reaction and the prediction of the hour.

When the future insemination prevails over the comfort of the known, fate doesn’t ask for new constructions. Creativity transcends our mechanicalness. New constructions are a new past, a revisited memory. Revisiting our past implies the opportunity of innovation in our constructions. Discovering a transcendental sense in yesterday’s stigmata. If the past is different, the ‘I’ cannot be the same.

Creativity and our constructions, a play on images. The past and the future, a play of the mind moved in its sensitiveness to the mystery.

(Traslation: Nahuel Vento).

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  1. Hola Alejandro ¿Porque recibo tus mails en ingles? Antes era en castellano


  2. Howdy! This article couldn’t be written any better!
    Looking through this article reminds me of my previous roommate!
    He always kept preaching about this. I am going to forward this information to him.

    Pretty sure he’ll have a great read. Thanks for sharing!

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