Posteado por: alejandrolodi | 28 mayo, 2012

The Kelper look

Alejandro Lodi

(May 2012)

It’s a cold morning, on a cold street in a southern town. A rifle protects his chest (a FAL 7, 62), as he crosses the cold street, a child watches him, in an innocent and startled way.

Unaware of his appearance (the boy had never seen that green before) he tried his usual effective gestures for children: funny clown faces, waving hands.

The boy is ever more stunned and less innocent. He can’t answer.

Suddenly and in fear his mother grabs him and goes into the house. She shuts the door and closes the shutters, trying to shield him from their lives.

She didn’t want to look at him. But she can’t avoid that shattering instant in which their eyes meet.

He thought his chest was protected by the rifle, but that woman’s glance pierces all the masks in which he had wrapped his fatal experience. He then knew something horrible would overcome him.

It was that glance, the source of cold discernment.

He knew by that look that fear is the lack of love. And so is the war.

Now he knows that the memory of that unforgettable glance is turning vague (would it ever end?).

His esoteric superstition makes him believe he is still in contact with that boy and that woman.

The benefits of the soul.

(Translation Alejandra Maggio)

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